What’s Required for Good Decision Making

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One reason you’re in a leadership position is because you have the ability to make good decisions. Good decision making requires steady emotions and a peaceful mind. You’ve already learned that, but what about your new and front line leaders? Do they connect the dots between decision-making ability and emotional well being? (Occasionally check in […]

How to Overcome Micromanaging

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There are basically two kinds of micromanagers: Those who know they micromanage, and those who micromanage but don’t know it. This post is intended to help leaders spot the signs of micromanagement and provide strategies to lead more effectively. How to know if you’re a micromanager It’s unlikely your employees are going to tell you […]

The Business Case for Forgiveness

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Is there a business case for forgiving someone? Yes, if you want to elevate your effectiveness and gain freedom. Holding grudges and feeling negatively toward someone drains energy that could be used creatively. Most everyone I know understands this concept intellectually but embodiment of the idea is about living it. Take stock of how you […]

Can Conflict be a Benefit?

Many people think conflict is a problem to be avoided. But what if you could flip the switch to see conflict as a benefit? Sound a little far fetched? Stay with me! Over the next few weeks, I’ll share bite-sized tips to help you flip that switch. Here’s the first one. Benefit #1 Conflict can Transform […]

Did you take the bait?

Have you noticed how often people get worked up on social media arguing with people they don’t even know? Here’s what happened. Someone offered the bait, and others took the bite. We all participate in some form of taking the bait. Then ask yourself, do you spend unnecessary time defending your point of view, or […]

Strategy #3 For Dealing With Overwhelm

Let’s face it, sometimes we get in our own way and create way more frustration than necessary. Specifically when we need people or situations to be anything other than what they are, and strive to control things out of our control. This is strategy #3 for managing anxiety and overwhelm. Strategy #3 | Cancel the […]

Strategy #2 for dealing with overwhelm

I don’t like to focus on the negative, but I do like to speak the truth. The truth for many is that we feel anxious and overwhelmed. You can try to hide it, but your silent thoughts leak out in your nervous behaviors. Here’s my second strategy (continued from last week) for managing overwhelm and […]

Why Truth Telling Takes Courage

Have you ever had feedback that stung a little? Do you reflect on your weaknesses or do you feel too vulnerable to accurately assess your challenges? My suggestion is to feel the fear and do the assessment anyway! You are stronger than you think you are! Take an honest assessment of your leadership challenges. Have […]

Don’t believe every thought

The thoughts you think can cause you clarity or anxiety. The key to clarity is to learn how to manage your thoughts instead of being led by them. Much of our anxiety is due to our unmanaged thoughts about the situation, and not so much the situation itself. Whether it’s obsessing about politics, focusing on […]

5 Steps to Building a New Leadership Identity

According to a “Global Generations” study by Ernst & Young, 46% of US managers have been managing for over 10 years, and most not received any type of training to develop their leadership identity. The belief is that because this individual was a star performer, has seniority, is a subject matter expert, a rainmaker, or a […]