From Conflict To Courage

Conflict feels bad, but conflict is not the problem: Mismanagement is. Leaders mismanage conflict when they avoid difficult conversations about behavior and performance. With a conversational tone, humor, and practical wisdom, this book offers actionable steps to help new and seasoned leaders get results and expand conflict capacity.

no-drama leadership book mockup

No-Drama Leadership

Choice. Power. Speed. Today’s leaders continually face these forces. But with too many choices, too much power, and too much speed, leaders often make decisions in a heightened state of emotion (and drama). Hasty decisions are often poor ones and in this climate there’s no place to hide, privacy is a thing of the past. The days of covering up or ignoring a problem are over. Using case studies, checklists, and examples from various levels of hierarchy in leadership and from a variety of industries, Chism introduces the mindset shifts and practical skills needed to develop enlightened leaders, whose decision-making flows from alignment, awareness and accountability.

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Stop Workplace Drama

The one with clarity always navigates the ship. If you feel like you’re in the boiler room shoveling coal instead of leading from the top deck, this book is for you. Workplace drama manifests in many ways: Gossip, poor coordination, disruptions, and unresolved conflicts.

If there’s a Queen or King Bee running the show it’s time to get clear, set some boundaries, and stop workplace drama. Stop Workplace Drama shows front-line leaders, small business owners, and private practice administrators how to increase leadership clarity and get off of the “Drama Triangle.” The end result is improved teamwork, increased productivity, and a more confident leader.