It’s Not A Big Sacrifice

There’s so much conflict and division in our workplaces and at home.

But so much relationship conflict would end with one practice: Consideration.

Consideration requires you to see a bigger picture; to think about how your actions or lack thereof affect others in your life at home and at work.

Consideration is not a big sacrifice at all.

Take the trash out before being asked.

Anticipate when someone needs help.

Put the new roll of TP on when you use the last piece.

Pick up the trash out of a yard.

Wash your own plate.

Put the cap back on your toothpaste.

Throw the empty cereal box away.

Do something that isn’t your job.

Keep your boss, colleagues, employees informed.

Tell those involved in the project when something changes.

Don’t call people after 9:00 PM.

Tell the truth kindly.

Return calls.

Respond to the email.

Don’t leave people hanging.

Stay in your own lane.

Go when the light is green

The list is miles long.

Pick the one that applies.

Up-level your consideration game.

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To your success,
Marlene Chism