The Business Case for Forgiveness

a man in glasses looking for hope

Is there a business case for forgiving someone?

Yes, if you want to elevate your effectiveness and gain freedom.

Holding grudges and feeling negatively toward someone drains energy that could be used creatively.

Most everyone I know understands this concept intellectually but embodiment of the idea is about living it.

Take stock of how you feel about other people. Find that one person who takes up space in your head. Listen to the stories you tell yourself about who they are, what they should have done, and how they “should” be.

The give-away that there is forgiveness work to do is

  • How often you talk about the issue or person
  • Your feelings when you think about the incident
  • Your avoidance of addressing the issue square on
  • How long you have let the bad feeling simmer
  •  Lots of “Shoulds”
  • Resistance to the reality at hand

Forgiveness is more of a practice and a journey, than a one time event.

Forgiving someone does not mean they are allowed to cross your boundaries, or that what they did is OK. In fact, you may even end the relationship. The difference is that you will have learned a life lesson and you won’t be held hostage by negative memories.

Forgiveness is like taking a bath. It only keeps you fresh for a short while before you need to do it again.

Marlene Chism