No-Drama Leadership

How Enlightened Leaders Transform Culture in the Workplace

imgToday’s leader needs more than position, power or business acumen. Today’s leader needs more than self-management, communication skills or emotional intelligence.

We need leaders who are aligned, aware and accountable. Leaders who have the eyes to see what is possible and who have the power to create the right environment, empowerment and engagement.

Marlene Chism, consultant, professional speaker, and author of Stop Workplace Drama™ introduces a new leadership model, one that she refers to as No-Drama Leadership. Using case-studies, checklists, and examples from various levels of hierarchy in leadership and from a variety of industries, Chism introduces the mindset-shifts and practical skills needed to develop enlightened leaders.

No-Drama Leadership introduces aligned, aware and accountable leaders; enlightened leaders who balance choice and power with wisdom and responsibility—leaders who embrace and embody both the inner game of leadership growth with the outer game of business results, modeling both the mindsets and actions that transform the cultures they lead.

Marlene challenges the notion that communication simply isn’t a soft-skill or touchy-feely, instead urges leaders to view communication as a strategy that promotes the brand, builds morale, and assists leaders to align teamwork with the mission and values of the organization. In today’s high-transparency, high change environment, developing wise leaders who communicate strategically is the next organizational frontier

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the signs of misalignment
  • Increase your leadership effectiveness
  • Use four quadrants of change as a catalyst for leadership growth
  • Promote employee engagement
  • Tap into the gifts and talents of your employees
  • Communicate strategically
  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Model empowerment

Our world needs enlightened leaders at all levels: from the CEO to the supervisor, from the classroom to the boardroom. It will be enlightened leaders who promote culture change in our corporations, our communities and in our classrooms.

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