What Are You Telling Yourself?

A few years ago I became an enhanced practitioner in Narrative Coaching.

Narrative coaching helps you to identify the underlying story that’s causing suffering in your life. In short, it’s not your circumstances causing you suffering, and it’s not another person.

What I learned: Your story is the source of your suffering. We must learn how to manage our narratives instead of being seduced by them.

Here’s a tip to manage your narrative: Don’t take every thought you think as truth or fact.

I’m thinking back to the beginning of the pandemic and how our narratives ran wild. The conversations were focused on conspiracy, politics and even “God’s will” as an effort to gain understanding. These narratives caused anxiety and conflict.
When we don’t understand a situation, we do our best to make sense of things. We build narratives to figure out who’s to blame, or we come with mystical ideas about karma, and fate.

Most of our thoughts are simply ideas, opinions, religious beliefs, or philosophical points of view, and not often grounded in logic or fact.

We need to remind ourselves that sometimes what we think or hear is neither true nor false: It’s just a thought.

To your success,
Marlene Chism