What’s happening in your organization?

  • There’s been a major change and people are resisting
  • A complaint has elevated into an EEOC issue
  • Lack of trust between departments or individuals
  • Performance is down
  • Leaders aren’t holding employees accountable
  • Toxic culture issues are emerging
  • Leaders at various levels need support and development
  • Complex issues require an outside perspective

The term “Consulting” is an umbrella for many combined services, performed over a period of time to achieve a desired result.  For example, training and development was part of a consulting project when we uncovered a core issue: Managers were afraid to have conversations about performance. Instead, they avoided conversations, or when they did initiate conversations they didn’t know how to promote accountability. Training and coaching became part of a larger six-month project to improve leadership capabilities and employee performance.

The first step is a free consult by phone to determine if we can help you with what you need. SCHEDULE A CALL


As a top leader sometimes you need a new perspective; an outsider, a trusted advisor who’s on your side to help you gain clarity, think strategically, and support your growth objectives. Advisory is an enjoyable process where you get the support you need when you need it. We look at advisory as having a thought partner, coach, and consultant in one package.

When to use an advisor

  • You want a confidant to help process important decisions
  • There’s a desire to be more strategic in your communication
  • A high-level high-conflict person could potentially cause disruption
  • Changes are coming in your organization and you want perspective
  • You don’t need a counselor, but you are interested in coaching
  • Growing personally and professionally is a high priority
  • Leveraging a thought-partner will save time and reduce risk
  • You want to understand different perspectives across the organization
  • You’re seeking accountability outside of your organization

The first step is a free phone consult to see if advisory is right for you.


One reason leaders avoid difficult conversations is because difficult conversations “feel bad.” The emotional component becomes the barrier to becoming a great leader. The commitment to being nice overrides the necessity of bringing elephants into the room. Leaders confuse appeasing with collaboration and conflict gets mismanaged. As a result, there’s a culture of avoidance, and senior leaders get blindsided by unforeseen problems.

Signature Program

Our signature program is called “The Performance Conversation” Model,” where we help leaders learn the strategic skills and process that gets performance results and significantly reduces costly mistakes. This training can be delivered virtually, or on-site, and can be combined with group coaching to ensure accountability.

Facilitated Programs & Leadership Roundtables
We have a variety of facilitated programs, including leadership roundtables and our signature on-site program Meet You Where You Are.”

Ways we Develop Leaders

  • Virtual platforms
  • Customized training
  • Onsite delivery
  • Group coaching

The leadership development courses often include some consulting such as a discovery phase, assessments, or surveys. The first step is a free consult to see how we can partner with you to build wise leaders.

The first step is a free phone consult to find the right solution. You may EMAIL or CALL 417-831-1799 FOR A FREE CONSULT AND RECOMMENDATION.


Want to deliver a thought-provoking message to your audience that has the power to change minds, alter behaviors, and transform work environments?

Marlene Chism is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and gifted communicator who reliably delivers a powerful combination of fresh insight, deep expertise and unstoppable energy.

Over the last two decades, she has delivered provocative presentations across the country for corporate events and associations alike. She is known for her quick wit, undeniable humor and the ability to engage audiences from diverse industries including healthcare, education, and public safety.


60 – 90 minute presentation for a corporate or association event.

Breakout Session

60 – 120 minute facilitated presentation for a corporate of association event

The Conversation 

A 90-120 minute facilitated Meet You Where You Are event for groups of 20 – 100.

The Conversation is Marlene’s signature program that engages the entire audience with provocative questions and insightful answers. This “meet-you-where-you-are” facilitated program is also used as part of discovery for larger consulting projects.

The purpose is to uncover obstacles and opportunities while learning in the moment.