Why Managers Avoid Difficult Conversations

The problem has been going on for too long. Staffing is short. The timing is off. The employee has been going through a tough time. Upper management won’t support the conversation. These are some of the reasons managers and leaders give for avoiding difficult conversations about performance or behavior.

Marlene Chism says “if you look at any problem that’s become unmanageable in a workplace, it’s always due to a conversation that should have happened but did not. The conversation avoided today is turnover of tomorrow or the lawsuit years later.”

At the root there are three reasons managers avoid difficult performance conversations: Lack of skill fear of uncomfortable emotions, and a culture that will not support the needed change.

Introducing the Performance Coaching Model

The Performance Coaching Model developed by executive educator, coach, and consultant; Marlene Chism addresses the opposing forces (including cultures) that prevent managers from initiating conversations about behavior and performance that promote accountability.

The Performance Coaching Model offers a blueprint, specific language, and coaching support for leaders to communicate clearly and confidently, increase leadership effectiveness, and significantly improve business results.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Plan for a difficult conversation.
  • Set the right intentions at the beginning.
  • Avoid getting distracted.
  • Stay in charge of the conversation.
  • Identify the business case in each situation.
  • Quickly identify the root problems.
  • Understand the employee’s point of view.
  • Use coaching skills to drive the conversation.
  • Create accountability from the start.

Train Your Leaders

The Performance Coaching Model is for mid-level to senior level leaders who want to increase leadership competency and improve accountability through coaching conversations, versus the old method of documenting in order to terminate.

Train Your Internal Coaches

If your organization has internal coaches, the PCM is a tool to help coaches support front line and middle level managers to meet them where they are. We can customize your training into a certification if desired, or design a hybrid program that includes virtual coaching, cross training managers, or building a video library to support your internal leadership development efforts.

“The best leadership lesson from today was Marlene Chism's step by step process of conflict resolution.”

Brad Hake

Owner at Express Employment Professionals
Chattanooga, Tennessee

We’d Love to Help You Manage Your Difficult Conversations