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Difficult Conversation course thumbnail

Having Difficult Conversations

General • 1h 7m

Conflict is inevitable—in work and in life. Managers must address performance issues, and colleagues with competing priorities must figure out how to work together. These situations call for having difficult conversations. In this course, Marlene Chism explains how to have difficult conversations, build your communication skills, and improve your relationships, teamwork, and business performance. She explains how to identify underlying differences in work styles, goals, and power dynamics and change the way you view conflict. She provides a model to move the conversation in a positive direction and to determine next steps. Plus, learn how to check for resistance with a single useful phrase.

• 515,782 Learners

difficult conversation for managers course thumbnail

Having Difficult Conversations: A Guide for Managers

General • 59m 9s

While inevitable, difficult conversations can be one of the most challenging parts of a manager’s job. Avoiding these conversations can be costly for organizations, resulting in absenteeism, poor performance, turnover, and even litigation. In this course, instructor Marlene Chism walks you through how to minimize emotional upset and conduct challenging conversations to achieve the best outcome for all parties. Marlene outlines four signs that it’s time to have a conversation, and what to do if you’ve waited too long. Learn about how to set the right tone for a productive interaction that can result in an improved relationship, and discover a conversation blueprint that can help make conversations easier and help you stay in control.

• 135,921 learners

Anger Management Course Thumbnail

Anger Management

Beginner • 1 hr

Anger is a part of the human experience. If not managed properly, anger can be destructive. But anger can also be used for your benefit once you learn to identify, manage, and channel it. In this course, executive educator Marlene Chism helps you make sense of anger. You’ll learn how to identify your triggers, how to get to the root of your anger, and how to channel anger to your highest good. Marlene shows you how anger can be a tool for personal and professional growth, and a catalyst for improving both your relationships and your results.

• 47,822 Learners

How Leaders Drive Results Course Thumbnail

How Leaders Drive Results and Resolve Conflict in a Hybrid Workplace

Intermediate • 42M 14S

Becoming an effective leader in a traditional work setting can be challenging enough. Being a leader in a hybrid workplace requires an altered skill set. These leaders play many roles: Project manager, coach, mediator, productivity guru, and more to drive results. Conflict in this environment can add another layer of stress and risk to performance. In this course, Marlene Chism teaches leaders how to expand their skills to support employees and overall performance in this dynamic work environment.

• 18,259 Learners

Working With High Conflict People course thumbnail

Working With High Conflict People As A Manager

Intermediate • 44m 18s

Managers need to work with all types of people, even those considered to be difficult or high-conflict people. Learn how to manage and lead high-conflict people and guide them towards positive behavioral change. In this course, executive educator Marlene Chism explains how to recognize high-conflict behaviors and irresponsible language, redirect and communicate more effectively, ask employees for change, and understand the cultural roadblocks that make it hard to manage and confront difficult behavior. Marlene also provides tips for expanding your conflict competency—by calling out and clearing articulating unwanted behavior in the workplace—and improving your strategic communication skills. The three work stories in the course help you see how the lessons apply to real-world conflicts.

• 66,858 Learners

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