Is unresolved conflict affecting your well-being, your reputation, and your leadership?

If you feel blindsided, derailed, or undermined, you’re not alone!

If you’re confused or don’t know your next steps, we can help!

Jamie’s Story

“Jamie” called me to inquire about private coaching due to some internal workplace drama. Jamie isn’t a top executive, but Jamie isn’t a beginner either. In fact, Jamie was once a business owner before becoming a project manager at a major player—a publicly owned energy company.

With Jamie’s energy, experience, and passion, you’d think leadership would be a breeze.

Not so.

Jamie developed a reputation for being too “Type A” and “too task-focused,” and a “little too rough around the edges.”

Jamie experienced the culture as a little too “hands off” and didn’t feel supported.

Here’s what Jamie said to me…

I have specific relationship problems that need strategy and transformation. 

I’ve taken training, and I’ve read numerous books, and it’s good, but it doesn’t get me there.

I’ve asked my own Vice President to mentor me, and she just keeps telling me to be nicer, change my tone and give them time to get used to me.

None of it’s working.

There’s an elephant in the room and we are dancing around it. It’s so frustrating because I know we can be better, and I know I can be better.

Jamie expressed the business concerns of a misaligned team.

We’ve missed deadlines and risked client relationships. If it wasn’t for me reworking projects, we could have already lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and our reputation. I can’t get them to see the big picture. All I get from them is justification and excuses, and all they get from me is anger!

I need to know specifically what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

I need a big transformation—a shift—strategies to build trust and improve relationships.

I know they aren’t going to change, but how can I change things by being a different leader?


Jamie is a perfect candidate for Power Pack Consulting.

  • A seasoned leader with a good track record
  • Immediate relationship problems that need resolution
  • Personal growth oriented
  • Coachable
  • Willing to take personal responsibility

What is Power Pack Consulting

Power Pack Consulting is a short-term intense intervention designed to dramatically improve relationships and rebuild trust with important stakeholders. Power Pack Consulting is a structured and proven process to gain clarity about the situation, the outcome, and the potential barriers.

Power Pack Consulting is for the more experienced mid-to-high-level leader that needs strategies, techniques, mindsets, and models to transform workplace relationships and improve team performance.

How Power Pack Consulting is Different

  • No 360 assessments, or personality tests.
  • No reporting to a boss or board of directors.
  • Client-based agenda.
  • Completely confidential.

Here’s why…

When someone wants to work with me, they’ve already had some version of a 360 assessment. In fact, their assessment may even be the catalyst for reaching out to me. They’ve had personality tests. They know their DiSC, Kolbe, Myers Brigg or Enneagram numbers.

Most leaders who want to work with me already have a high level of self-awareness. They’ve been exposed to retreats, workshops, and online initiatives, but they aren’t quite getting what they need.

They’ve either been blindsided with negative feedback about their leadership style, or they’re trying to get ahead of problems they’ve already recognized.

What they’re getting is ineffective advice from their boss, like “be nicer,” or “they’ll come around.” What they’re getting is a coach that they didn’t choose.  They feel judged, and misunderstood.

What they aren’t getting are the tools, advice, and methods they need in real-time to make a practical change.

Who is Power Pack Consulting for

  • High-level leaders
    • Project manager
    • Vice president
    • Director
    • HR Executive
  • Managers willing to invest in their growth.
  • Leaders willing to expand conflict capacity.
  • Leaders willing to make themselves available.


What You Need to Know

Power Pack Consulting is for leaders who are at a turning point and are willing (if need be) to invest in their own growth.

Waiting on budget approval or hesitating due to office politics tells me the client may not be ready or the problem isn’t urgent yet.

To be fair, it doesn’t matter who pays for the package, but I work best with those who have an entrepreneurial mindset and are comfortable investing in themselves versus being subject to the timelines and budgets set forth by the organization.

In addition, when the coaching is sponsored by the organization, the organization might expect a coach to report back to a CEO to show value.  That’s not how Power Pack Consulting works. People trust me more and don’t posture if they know that their challenges are held tightly in the vault versus being on display and having to “get it right.”

My clients know that I as their coach won’t be going before a board, a boss, or a CEO to talk about their growth or their challenges. This creates a sacred space to really get to the root of problems and give advice without hidden agendas.

This work is all about strategic conversations and relationship building, not manipulation or politics. I always encourage my client to talk with their boss about what they’re learning, but in the end, it’s their decision.

If you are interested in an exploratory call to see if Power Pack Consulting is a fit for you, email Marlene to set up a 30-minute free consult.