Unfair! Micromanager!

Have you ever been labeled “unfair” or “micromanager?”

Don’t worry! It’s part of the price you pay to be called a leader.

When you fully step into your leadership role, you will get resistance. If people have been allowed to override policy, misbehave or do lackluster work, there will be pushback. You’ll be labeled as “unfair” and “micromanager,” if you try to right the ship.

The term “micromanager” is a loaded word intended to put you in your place.  Don’t take the bait by defending yourself or, worse, appeasing and people-pleasing to be liked.

So first, address the term “micromanager” and don’t hide from it. Ask your team what that means to them. Agree on a definition so that you can clean up any blind spots where you might be tempted to over-manage.

If you fully trust your team, and if they meet deadlines you’re less likely to keep checking in or “micromanaging.”

Clarity can change any situation, including the perception of being micromanaged or the fear of being called one.

Lead from mission, vision and values. The top and middle-level performers will eventually come around. You’ll let go of the ones that needed to go in the first place, and you’ll set yourself up to attract new talent that aligns with your mission.

To your alignment,
Marlene Chism