Taking The Next Right Step

Thought for today: If there is something you really want, you have to name the vision, then take the next right step. You may not know how, and you may not know if you will be able to achieve your goal, but I will guarantee that your life will change just by taking the next right step. The next right step might be to do an internship. The next right step might be to research. The next right step might be to work for free so you can explore. But to say it isn’t possible without trying is to rip yourself off.

I had people discouraging me when I was about to take the leap. They said, “You are forty years old. It’s too late. You will be competing with others who are miles ahead of you.”

There are different levels of truth at different levels of consciousness. You have to listen to your own voice.

In ten years or twenty years, your life will have dramatically changed because of one decision. My decision to leave a factory job so many ago to pursue a dream of professional speaking was the scariest thing I have ever done. That dream has evolved for sure, and my desires have changed over the years.

BUT…How could I have known in 1998 that in 2017 I would be on a conference call with the director of a leadership institute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia talking about my book, NO-Drama Leadership, and what I can bring to their executives?

That is why I see SO MUCH for other people when they do not see for themselves! We are ALL capable of more and there are many possibilities in the infinite field. Sometimes it’s just about taking the next right step.