How to see things differently

Our brains are wired to minimize uncertainty, therefore we create assumptions about how the world works. That’s why we all have biases! Before trying to educate others on how biased they are, understand this: We all are!  We can’t not be biased, because we live from our assumptions. We first have to accept the fact […]

Top Performer a Bully?

A big complaint I hear is “The top performer a bully, but their performance is stellar.” The real problem here is that behavior is not considered a part of performance, so it’s justified instead of corrected. The behavior allowed then becomes the standard. What to do: Make the unconscious conscious. You can’t fix what you can’t […]

Improving Communication at the Intersection of Change and Transformation

We are standing at the intersection of change and transformation, also known as the new normal. Change is how we respond to outside circumstances and transformation is how we adjust internally. Today’s new normal requires leaders to combine the ability to adapt to change with the courage to transform internally to effectively navigate the complexities. For […]

Stop Living in a Box! How to Get Unstuck

We all stand at a point of choice offered to us by the COVID-19 pandemic. The choice is to live in an old narrative or to create a new one. Now is the best time to become the author and creator of you next chapter. What story are you telling?

Practical Ways to Cope with Uncertainty

The disruption of the COVID-19 virus is creating uncertainty, fear and chaos. Dominoes are falling all around us. What affects one affects all. The world seems to be coming to a screeching halt and life as we knew it is no more. Everyone is affected and no one is immune. No one has THE answer to make it all better, but there are ways to become more resilient and suffer less. Here are a few practical ideas to help you cope in times of uncertainty.

Reclaim Your Life in 2019

Reclaim your life in 2019 and be the creator of your best life and you’ll have more to give to the world.

Get What You Want in 2018

What do you want for 2018? Better health? A cleaner office? Better relationships? More time to do what really matters to you? Whatever it is that you want, you have to want it more than what’s standing in your way.

7 Signs You Aren’t Growing

The very nature of personal growth includes challenging old beliefs, changing habits, and crossing the comfort zone for expansion. Enlightened leaders continue to examine their beliefs, work on their habits and cross the comfort zone. When coaching or mentoring others for personal growth, here are seven ways to know whether they are willing to grow or not. Use this list to look at your own life as well. Here are seven signs you are not growing. 

How to Learn from Others

One of the most limiting mindsets is the belief that you know more than other people. The next limiting mindset is the belief that you must be the best at everything you do. No matter how smart you are, if you are always the smartest person in the room you aren’t growing. If you already have all the answers you won’t be curious.  if you are not curious will not learn from others.  In order to learn from others, you must get out of your limiting mindsets and make a change. You must do these three things:

7 Reasons Employees Drop Balls

A common complaint I hear from executive clients is, “My employees drop balls!” Dropped balls come in many forms: Lack of follow up on a sales call, failure to deliver a product on time to a client, working on a low priority task while putting a high priority task on the back burner. For the business owner or executive, a dropped ball translates to thousands of dollars flying out the window. Part of the problem is that employees don’t realize they are dropping balls. Because the employee is busy, he or she feels productive working on the task at hand, while the executive or owner feels exasperated, overwhelmed and resentful when they realize the employee isn’t “getting it.”