How More Creates Less

Have you noticed a collective cultural shift in our nation? We have more choices to express our opinions, we have less tolerance for the opinions of others. We have more passion, but less compassion. We have more speed but less self-control. We have more opportunity to connect, but less real live connection. This is how more creates less.

The key to getting and sustaining “more” without creating less is to understand the unique relationship between choice and responsibility. With every choice “more” there is an equal amount of responsibility required of us to sustain the “more” that we crave.choicerespons

Examples in Life and Business

We see this principle in life and in business. When you get your driver’s license you have more choice, but you also have more responsibility. When you become a leader, you have more power, but you also have more responsibility. Power, choice, or any other opportunity carries with it the requirement of an equal amount of responsibility in order to sustain.

  • If we want more choices to express our opinions we have to become responsible for the language we use.
  • If we want more passion, we have to equally show compassion.
  • If we want even more speed, we must become more disciplined.


Balancing Choice and Responsibility

When there are too many choices without equal responsibility you create danger. When there is too much responsibility without a balance of choice you create stagnation. t is up to leaders to build a culture of responsibility and accountability. Take a look at your organizational culture and see where choice-responsibility is out of balance. I

Where are you imbalanced in your personal or professional life. What imbalance exists in your corporate culture? Where is the need to expand choice, and where is the need to expand responsibility?

Marlene Chism is a consultant, international speaker and the author of “Stop Workplace Drama” (Wiley 2011) and “No-Drama Leadership” (Bibliomotion 2015). Visit her at and connect via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.