Corporate Culture

There are a lot of different ideas about culture. Some say that culture is a set of beliefs that govern behavior. Others say that culture is about “the way we do things around here.”

In No-Drama Leadership I introduce the Culture Framework Model that illustrates the four environmental influences upon which culture is shaped, formed and even transformed. Get the book and read chapter 7 to see how leaders influence the internal physical environment and why employee drama is not always about the employees. Let me give you a quick example of how we often miss the environmental clues, and instead, we offer the wrong solution to stop workplace drama.

Changing Culture Does Not Stop Workplace Drama

When I was a line worker, there were never enough chairs for all employees working the lines. As a result, some employees would sneak in early and steal a chair off of one of the other lines where other employees were then left to work without their chair.

Needless to say, drama always erupted. The supervisor’s time was wasted listening to the finger pointing only to tell the employees they could find another job if they couldn’t get along.

There are almost always three choices: You can blame the employees for being petty, you can send them to a conflict management seminar, or you can simply buy enough chairs for everyone to do their job in comfort.

Leaders are part of the internal environment and they have the power to make decisions that ultimately affect productivity, engagement, and teamwork.

Employees can be difficult, no doubt. But, when the fingers start pointing, it’s always an indicator that it’s also time to look at the environment and the leadership.

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