Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Are you losing clients due to mistakes or poor customer service? Do your leaders avoid difficult performance conversations? Has the open door become a revolving door? Seeing signs of irresponsible behavior, low morale or distrust?  Are your leaders burned out? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the answer may be leadership development.

Leadership Development: It’s Not a Workshop

One of the first things we hear when prospects call is, “We need a workshop.” Expecting a one-and-done workshop to solve a multi-million business problem is like expecting a bath to last for a year. We have learned from experience that workshops rarely offer sustainable business results without coaching and support. Building enlightened leaders requires a commitment to leadership development: giving supervisors, managers and executives the critical skills and mindsets necessary for decision-making in today’s world of instant change at warp speed.

Critical Skills: Communication and Relationship Building

It’s not the absence of technical skills or the lack of business knowledge that causes problems for most leaders. While it’s a given that a leader must have business knowledge, technical skills and a certain amount of expertise in his industry, what causes problems for most leaders can be boiled down to the ability to communicate strategically and build aligned relationships.

Almost every aspect of leadership requires communication. Whether it’s selling an idea to the team, course-correcting poor performance, keeping the team aligned to the vision, or promoting engagement. Every single workplace problem is due in part to poor communication and can only be solved through better and more strategic communication.

If communication is so important why do most of us stop working on our communication skills? Why don’t companies invest in communication skills training? Most of us have been programmed to view communication as a soft skill instead of a critical skill that emerges from critical thinking. Many perceive relationship-building to be  touchy-feely rather than a critical business skill. The fact is relationship-building is a critical skill necessary for getting business results, serving customers, and gaining clients. Leaders work through people to get things done. It is for this reason that leaders must understand how to build and sustain healthy relationships.

Let Us Help You Develop Wise Leaders

We are a consulting firm dedicated to dramatically improving leadership effectiveness and business results. We incorporate a variety of methods, including executive coaching, leadership retreats, personal development, executive education, and leadership development. The first step is to determine your business objectives to see which methods and models are the right combination and fit for your business.

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