Get Your Head in the Game

A common complaint for many is “I’m so busy” and “I don’t have time.”  That’s why people show up late, scramble at the last minute and simply shoot from the hip at a meeting or on a sales call. While it seems counter-intuitive, the answer may be to slow down. Slow down so that you can prioritize, plan, and put your sales activities into your calendar. Planning, prioritizing, putting activities a calendar, helps you to direct your focus your energy and get your head in the game. Life is so much easier when your head is in the game. Let’s make a clear distinction for times when your head is in the game versus out of the game.

Head in game = Showing up on time
Out of game = Always being late

Head in game = Setting up systems and habits
Out of game = Always scrambling to find something

Head in game = Returning calls
Out of game = Making excuses

Head in game = Doing research before sales calls
Out of game = Shooting from hip

Head in game = Setting intention before difficult conversations
Out of game = Getting triggered, blowing up, being clueless.

Head in game = Listening and writing notes on a call
Out of the game = multi-tasking & checking email

We all have moments when we realize we have lost focus. Our head isn’t in the game. These times are reminders about weaknesses, and opportunities to grow.

You might have to leave early, implement some discipline, do a little more work, but the effort is worth it.

You get better results when your head is in the game.