How to Resolve Almost Any Conflict

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It’s easy to let old grudges build up and before you know it, you’re seeing the other person as an adversary.

You avoid them. You gossip about them. You slowly stop being curious about them and you automatically suspect the worst.

You can resolve almost any conflict when you decide to shift the way you see the other person.

No matter what skills you learn, if you see the other person as less than you, you’ll struggle.

If you think someone is out to get you, that’s what you’ll experience.

If all you see is the other person’s flaws, character issues or shortcomings, it will come out in your “energy” even if you use all the right words.

Do a mental scan and determine who you need to see differently?

Work on the inside and how you see the other person and everything else will align.

Marlene Chism