Don’t Let Politics Ruin Thanksgiving

How do you enjoy Thanksgiving this year when you voted differently than your relatives? It may depend upon who you voted for, and whether you think you won or lost. Here are some random thoughts based on Stop Workplace Drama, and No-Drama Leadership on how you can enjoy time with your family this Thanksgiving.

The one with clarity navigates the ship
If you set an intention for how you want Thanksgiving to go in advance you have a better chance of achieving your desired outcome. If the dinner is at your house, you have even more control of what boundaries you want to put in place. Perhaps you will decide that politics is not open for discussion. The one with clarity always navigates the ship.

Judgment blocks prosperity
Judging and labeling fellow humans provokes anger. Anger provokes violent language. Violent language gets us distracted. We get addicted to being right. We forget what it feels like to experience joy, peace, hope, and all the blessings in front of us. Stop judging your family and simply love them. Accept them warts and all. Love them even though you disagree politically. In the end, we’re all in this together, and judgment only blocks prosperity.

The power is in the present
One year from now your life will be different, and either you, or some of the people in your life may have passed. Most of the pain we experience is because we resist the present moment or life doesn’t match our blueprint. The power is always in the present moment.

Conclusion: The holidays can be difficult enough without adding the layers of pain caused by this year’s political drama. Let’s make a new commitment to reclaim our lives so that we can experience love, joy, peace, and all of the blessings available to us. What experience do you want to create with your family this Thanksgiving?