Performance Conversation Model

Performance Conversation Model

Is there ever a good time to talk about performance?  Staffing is short. It’s the company picnic. The employee has been going through a tough personal experience. You inherited the problem. You’ve allowed the problem to go on too long, now you’re stuck. Knowing how to look for the signs that you or your managers are avoiding difficult performance conversations is only the first step. The next step is acquiring the resources needed to confidently confront poor performance. The Performance Conversation Model gives leaders the mindset, confidence and skills  to shape culture and get results through others.

The Real Reason Managers Avoid Initiating Performance Conversations

While there are many surface reasons for avoiding difficult conversations, the two root causes that prevent managers from initiating difficult performance conversations: include lack of skill and the fear of experiencing uncomfortable emotions. These two opposing forces stand in the way of increased productivity, effectiveness, teamwork, revenue, and growth. The performance conversation is distinctly different from the performance evaluation which frankly could be eliminated if managers had the knowledge and skills to initiate and deliver ongoing performance conversations.

The Performance Conversation Model developed by executive educator, coach, and consultant, Marlene Chism, addresses these opposing forces that prevent managers from initiating difficult performance conversations. Leadership development and coaching offers the necessary support to increase productivity and effectiveness through their direct reports.

The Performance Conversation Model Empowers Leaders to

  • Keep the conversation focused and forward-moving
  • Inspire action by speaking to the vision
  • Clearly articulate the needed course-correction
  • Overcome resistance
  • Identify and eliminate internal and external opposing forces
  • State the business case for the needed change
  • Use responsible language to get results
  • Promote a culture of accountability

In short, The Performance Conversation Model offers a blueprint and specific language for leaders to communicate clearly and confidently, increase leadership effectiveness, and significantly improve business results.

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