Become a Facilitator

This is the fourth tip in my Connect More in 2022 series. This one is simple and often forgotten: Become a facilitator. When you facilitate you see the bigger picture and you take initiative, you direct the conversation, and you initiate communication instead of sitting back and hoping others will “get it.”

You can do this at networking events, virtual meetings, and surprise, even with your family, for example if you’re visiting an elderly parent, facilitate a call that includes their friends or some of your extended family. Sure, you wish they would take the initiative, but unfortunately too many sit in the wings waiting to be led. You can be that leader.

Here’s a business example: Sometimes on video calls, you’ll be invited to participate in groups without a designated facilitator. The result is often no organization, frustration and lots of wasted time.

Mindset: Someone has to take the lead. If no facilitator was assigned, my suggestion is to jump in and say “I volunteer to facilitate unless someone else is dying to do it.”

Skill set: Assess the time allotment, create a mini-agenda and mark how much time is allotted to each person. If you’ve been designated as the facilitator, explain that each person gets a certain allotment of time and then facilitate a round-robin — with a timer, if necessary.

Stop wishing others would engage. Create the engagement by becoming an excellent facilitator.

If you are interested in exploring how to create facilitators out of your leaders reach out to me by email for a complimentary call.