The Antidote for Quiet Quitting

Last year there emerged a new buzzword: quiet quitting. In reality the behavior that we now refer to as “quiet quitting” has been around as long as there’s been labor and management. The behavior used to be called “presenteeism” in the nineties, followed by “lack of engagement” a decade later. My sense is that while […]

Become a Facilitator

This is the fourth tip in my Connect More in 2022 series. This one is simple and often forgotten: Become a facilitator. When you facilitate you see the bigger picture and you take initiative, you direct the conversation, and you initiate communication instead of sitting back and hoping others will “get it.” You can do […]

Leaders Who Listen Control The Conversation

Leaders who understand how to listen aren’t triggered into angry debates or caught off guard by someone else’s agenda. The one with clarity always navigates the ship. The one who listens navigates though conscious decision-making and critical thinking rather than getting blown away by the winds of emotion.

Great Leaders Cultivate Curiosity

If your objective is to be right be certain. If your objective is to learn be curious. Using curiosity is a skill that can be used by leaders to engage the team, reduce conflict, and question unacceptable behaviors.

Political Drama: Are You Engaged, Enraged or Detached?

We’re seeing lots of drama throughout the 2016 political debates. The good news is that we are also seeing some positive results. Those who have never been interested in politics before are getting engaged. Yet we’re still a country divided. I’m not talking about the division between Republican versus Democrat, conservative versus liberal. I’m talking […]

No Drama After Retirement: Really?

One of the most disturbing things I hear from an executive is when a leader wants to fire an employee but can’t because the person is two years from retirement. It tells me the employee is no longer engaged, or has been allowed to continue to work even though there has been very little productivity and very little passion. […]

Fourteen Things You Don’t Need in 2014

Happy New Year! If you are like everyone else I know, you are thinking about the year and how you want to reinvent, create something new, or improve in some way. If you want to add value think about getting rid of those things you don’t need; the things that don’t add value to you as a leader, a friend, a spouse, a parent and a person. My article Fourteen Things You Don’t Need in 2014 is meant to inspire you to think deeply about what you value and to live according to those values. Enjoy!