How to Dramatically Improve All Relationships

My focus today is on a practice you can use to improve any relationship, personally or professionally.

The practice is to substitute supervision for Super Vision.
We all crave being truly seen, yet we fail to see others. Instead of seeing another person we see their age, religion, political affiliation, gender, race or a combination thereof. We start to treat others in service to us as a means to our end. We forget that they have challenges and desires just as we do. When we get into the habit of “supervising” others, we fail to see their humanity and we view them as a means to our ends.

This week practice really seeing another individual. Notice their brilliance, their skills their capacity to care.

There are literally hundreds of ways to practice really seeing people.

·      Look them in the eye.

·      Compliment them on a skill.

·      Smile first.

·      Listen without interrupting.

·      Stop trying to fix others.

·      Hear their story without having to share yours.

Equally there are hundreds of opportunities to practice this skill so that you become good at this in your leadership role.

Whether it’s a CNA taking care of your loved one in a nursing facility, the person at the cash register at the grocery store, the waiter at a restaurant, be present. See their brilliance, their care, and their humanity.

You will see a shift in their demeanor, and it will transform you.