Strategy #3 For Dealing With Overwhelm

Let’s face it, sometimes we get in our own way and create way more frustration than necessary. Specifically when we need people or situations to be anything other than what they are, and strive to control things out of our control.

This is strategy #3 for managing anxiety and overwhelm.

Strategy #3 | Cancel the need

Whether it’s politics, trying to change others or the advancement of artificial intelligence, most of us get worked up and overwhelmed when we try to control things we can’t control. Complaining about the rain never makes the sun come out; it only stresses other people. Conversations about how it shouldn’t be creates internal strain that affects your productivity and well-being.

What if you didn’t need things to be any different than they are today — right now? Simply cancel the need to change anything.


When you find yourself trying to control the uncontrollable, simply say, “I cancel the need to … ,” and then fill in the blank. For example, “I cancel the need to control the speed of change.” Or “I cancel the need for them to understand the decision I’m making.”

When you let go of the burden of trying to change that which cannot be changed, you free your energy to focus on what you can control.

To your mental fitness,

Marlene Chism