Stop trying to impress others

This is my second post in my series on getting more connected in 2022.

The tip is to stop trying to impress others. Perhaps you’ve already learned this lesson, but chances are some of the leaders you mentor may struggle with trying to prove themselves.

When you notice someone using big words, one-upping others in a conversation, discounting another person’s success, or over-complicating processes, they are likely trying to impress others.

Trying to impress others comes from a lack of self-worth and the need to get approval. Unfortunately, this behavior does little to impress others; instead creating further disconnection. If you observe this tendency with an employee, you might need to coach them and reassure them that it’s better to be impressed by others than to try to impress others.

Mindset shift: I’m enough just as I am.

Skill set: Noticing insecurities and thoughts of needing other people’s admiration or approval. Sincerely acknowledge other people’s success as often as possible.

Strive to notice in others the qualities you want to see in yourself, then you’ll get the recognition you desire.