Include Others

I no longer set resolutions, but every year I come up with a word to focus on. This year my word is connection. So many are starving for more connection—to really be seen and heard. As leaders we can intentionally facilitate more connection and inclusion. I’ll be offering a series on getting more connected in 2022.

Tip #1 Share the Mic

Being a participant on many Zoom meetings in 2021, I couldn’t help but notice how often some were unintentionally excluded from the conversation. Often one or two people dominated the conversation with questions, insights, additions, and ideas. They barely took an appropriate breath to allow for interruption.

The dominant engagers seemed unaware that several people had not yet allowed opportunity to contribute.  This tendency to dominate arises from a lack of awareness about the time allotment or perhaps an unconscious belief in time scarcity.

Mindset shift: There’s time for me and for others.

Skill set: Self-awareness. Note how much time you talk versus others. Feel the discomfort of allowing others to speak before you speak.

If you facilitate virtual meetings, make sure you invite others into the conversation, and put some limits on those who are unaware of how much time they’re taking.