Does Your Culture Support Your Strategy?

I often receive invitations to “do a workshop” in hopes that the workshop will magically change behavior, produce better managers and eventually create a drama-free and accountable culture.

However, a one-time event with no real mental and financial investment rarely makes a dent. It’s like expecting a bath to last a lifetime.

Culture work is not a one-time workshop, nor is real behavioral change.

Many top executives struggle with real cultural change because it involves some type of conflict with people who won’t or can’t change.

My friend, colleague and fellow consultant Martyn Drake from the United Kingdom says the following:

“Keeping employees who don’t fit the new culture will be seen by everyone as an example of your insincerity. Whenever culture proves a fatal barrier to strategic change, it’s because leaders don’t get rid of the wrong people fast enough.”

If you’re tired of wasting time on strategies that simply didn’t work, it’s probably because the culture didn’t support the strategy or initiative.

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Marlene Chism