Communicating as a Hybrid Leader

Communications in a hybrid workplace requires leaders to become excellent communicators.

No longer is it possible to rely totally on off-the cuff conversations, hallway meetings or scheduled gatherings in a physical room.

Today’s hybrid leader must acquire good writing and speaking skills, as well as competency on various platforms.

Hybrid leaders excel at using digital communications such as email or text, and they adapt to various meeting platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Here are some quick tips to become a better communicator in a hybrid work environment.

  • Text is OK for short updates or requests
  • Keep emails simple and short with the action item as the end
  • Space and format emails for easy reading
  • Difficult conversations require video or in-person meetings
  • Phone trumps email for complex issues

It’s through communication we get results. If there’s too much confusion, excessive unresolved conflict, and lack of follow-through, it could be ineffective communication, lack of skills for using various platforms or using the wrong tools for what the situation requires.