The Power of Decisions

I made a DECISION two years ago that I wanted dance to be part of my life. So I signed up for both group and private lessons.

Then I DECIDED to seek out places to do swing dance or Lindy Hop when I travel.

Last year while doing a project with LinkedIn Learning, I found a Dance Santa Barbara. So I took a Lift to their Friday night dance with a big band, and I danced all night and didn’t know a soul.

It all started with a lesson, so it’s fairly easy to get asked to dance afterwards.

But DECISIONS have to expand.

A few months later I went to Providence RI but there seemingly wasn’t any opportunity. Then I contacted someone from that dance community and he said “a bunch of us will be at a local pub tonight with a live band.

I DECIDED to go, but wanted to leave when I walked in. After all, I’m a woman without a date in a bar. (I didn’t want anyone to get a wrong idea about why I was there.)

But I DECIDED that comfort is not a requirement. I told myself, I can just stay for 30 minutes and if I don’t get “asked” to dance I can leave.

An elderly man (about 80+ years old) asked me to dance, and I did. After that I got asked over and over because other dancers knew why I was there.

I continue to see how we make unintelligent decisions without being aware.

Which brings me to my latest opportunity in Orlando where I was attending The Powerful Living Experience where we were learning about unintelligent thinking and the power of decisions.

At the VIP party I wanted to dance, but I didn’t know if anyone knew Swing Dance. I said to my friend, “I’m not going to get to dance tonight and it’s going to be miserable!”

She said, “Stop! Make a DECISION that you will dance even if you have to teach someone else.”

So…I saw a guy keeping a beat and asked him if he knew how to swing dance. He said, “No but I can keep beat and twirl you around.” So I said, “Why not? I’m here for a powerful experience.”

As a result of asking and then dancing with a guy who didn’t know how to Swing Dance, I saw an experienced couple dancing.

His wife, when she saw me dancing, encouraged me to dance with her husband.

Here’s my lesson:  We have to keep making decisions that stretch us if we want to live from our power instead of our limitations.

In addition, I have had multiple people tell me how much my dancing video inspired them to want to take lessons or resume a hobby they had lost.


What is possible for you when you DECIDE to start living and working from your power?
Do your decisions support your own well-being and happiness?