Perpetual Reorganization?

You’ve undoubtedly seen this pattern: An executive decides to “reorganize” a department in order to put someone they don’t like in another department.

By “don’t like” I  don’t mean literally.  I mean, they don’t appreciate that person’s perspective. There’s a clash… an unresolved conflict. They see the other person’s work product as ineffective or inferior. They feel threatened when this person challenges their authority.

Whatever the issue, the end result is the same as if they just didn’t like that person!  Because if they did like this person they would give them a chance and they would have an honest conversation about what needs to change. They would deal with the discomfort that comes with speaking truth.

The bottom line is that the executive avoids a conversation and instead, puts that person under someone else’s care and direction so they don’t have to deal with their own inner conflict and grow personally.

Perpetual reorganization is very often a sign of avoidance.

What would happen if having an honest conversation was Plan A instead of moving all the chess pieces around?

If you missed it, last week I spoke about this on LinkedIn Live.

Here’s the recording.…

To your alignment,
Marlene Chism