Leading Others Through Resistance

Every leader must deal with resistance at some point. You’ll get resistance when you want an employee to grow more than he or she wants to grow. It’s easy to listen for resistance:

  • It’s difficult.
  • I shouldn’t have to.
  • It’s not fair.

So how do you deal with the resistance?

You find the fulcrum point of change.

The fulcrum point of change is that state of willingness. Because without willingness nothing changes. When they complain about how hard it is, they aren’t willing.  When they give excuses about why it can’t happen, they aren’t willing. When they tell you a story about how life is hard, they aren’t willing.

Being attached to and focusing on the difficulty and their lack of willingness is what perpetuates the resistance, especially if you get off track by resisting their resistance.

One way to know if you’re off track is if you’re avoiding a difficult conversation. Another way to know is…

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