Four Leadership Problems that Inhibit Growth: Lesson #3

Last week I talked about the second leadership problem that inhibits growth:  Defensiveness

As I said in the first lesson, we are either in protection mode or growth mode, and defensiveness is evidence of protecting. In fact, if there’s nothing to protect, you are free to learn, which leads to problem #3: Justification.

Justification is another defense mechanism, which means there is protection going on and not growth.

What is justification? Making excuses instead of making course-corrections.

The language of justification is very subtle therefore difficult to identify and address. Justification is talking about why you can’t give the customer what she wants rather than doing what is necessary. Justification is talking about all the reasons you can’t achieve your goals whether it’s the new legislation, your background, your employees or the new technology.

I see very successful leaders and consultants justify their rude behavior rather than use self-mastery to represent themselves in a way that is of a higher consciousness or enlightened way of being. You must quit making excuses and giving reasons and instead become the creator of your reputation and reality.

How to Step Out of Justification:

1. Let your choices be based on who you are not on circumstances.

2. Represent the highest and best in yourself by your actions.

3. Get it done and stop making excuses.

4. Course-correct at five degrees rather than when the spotlight of media is upon you.

5. Talk about what is possible instead of what is stopping you.

Next week I’ll talk about the fourth leadership problem that inhibits growth.

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