Did you take the bait?

Have you noticed how often people get worked up on social media arguing with people they don’t even know?

Here’s what happened. Someone offered the bait, and others took the bite.

We all participate in some form of taking the bait.

Then ask yourself, do you spend unnecessary time defending your point of view, or arguing over irrelevant issues?

How much energy do you devote talking about what’s not working or listening to someone else complain? How much productivity is lost worrying, griping, blaming, or arguing?

I know I’m guilty! Are you?

You aren’t at the mercy of your programming and addictions!

There are literally thousands of choices. You can remain quiet. You can turn off the device. You can set a boundary. You can take a positive action.

Make no mistake the bait is tempting. When you’re the carp and they’re fisherman, you bite every time only to regret it.

Until…you figure it out.

You don’t have to take the bait! You can’t wait until next time when the line is cast. You will see the bait in advance and decide to swim on by.

Beware: You might successfully swim past the worm only to realize there’s now a different kind of bait. You didn’t expect cheese cake!

You couldn’t resist. You got hooked again!

Let’s face it, it’s easy to get triggered.

But you have choices. You don’t have to bite.

It’s more responsible and empowered to decide if and when you bite.


Marlene Chism