Can conflict be a benefit? Part 3

Conflict can be a benefit to you if you are willing to see it differently. I’ve already talked about two benefits: Transforming anger, and inspiring change. A third way conflict can benefit you is to remind you that if you’re in conflict, it means you’re not yet clear.

Benefit #3 Prioritize Clarity

When enmeshed in conflict we lose clarity. We forget about what’s most important. We stop focusing on the mission, vision, values and desired end result. Instead, we prioritize winning the point, being right, stroking the ego or proving someone wrong.

What to do: Observe the quality of the conversation, and the behaviors of the individuals involved, including yourself.  If the conversation is backward moving, finger-pointing, emotional or if the behaviors are condescending or disrespectful, clarity has been lost.

Questions to ask: Does our conversation and behavior support the mission, vision and values of the organization? Where have lower priorities replaced higher priorities? As a leader how can I use clarity for course-correction?


Do you need help with clarity? Reach out and let’s explore how I might help.

Marlene Chism