How to Become a Wise Leader

David Hawkins, author of Power Versus Force says, ” Wisdom is doing that which makes you strong and avoiding that which makes you weak.” With the purpose of developing wise leaders, here is a short list that contrasts that which makes us strong versus that which makes us weak.

Strong = Focus on possibilities
Weak = Focus on limitations

Strong = Learning from others
Weak = Being a know-it-all

Strong = Encouraging someone
Weak = Criticizing someone

Strong = A disciplined approach to diet and exercise
Weak = Over-eating, lack of activity, smoking, overindulgence

Strong = Inclusiveness
Weak = Separation

Strong = Development
Weak = Ignorance

Strong = Investment in self
Weak = Excuses

Strong = Responsibility
Weak = Blame

Strong = Curiosity
Weak = Judgment

Strong = Openness
Weak = Closed mindedness

Strong = Channeled anger
Weak = Loss of control

Strong = Making choices based on values
Weak = Making choices based on addictions

Every day we have the opportunity to practice wisdom by thinking and doing that which makes us strong. Wise leaders focus on that which makes them and others strong. What will you do today to gain strength?