Why Truth Telling Takes Courage

Have you ever had feedback that stung a little?
Do you reflect on your weaknesses or do you feel too vulnerable to accurately assess your challenges?

My suggestion is to feel the fear and do the assessment anyway! You are stronger than you think you are!

Take an honest assessment of your leadership challenges. Have you been letting people off the hook because you dread initiating difficult conversations?

Have you been accused of not caring, being too aggressive, or micromanaging?

Do you know how other see you as a leader?

If you can be honest about your challenges, you can improve almost any situation, but truth-telling always comes first.

Why Truth Telling Takes Courage: The truth hurts. The first sign of increased awareness is aversion. It never feels good to have blind spots revealed. As a result, we avoid hearing or seeing things that make us uncomfortable. Once you have the courage to face reality, the truth stops hurting and instead sets you free.

The same is true of giving difficult feedback to employees. It’s difficult, especially for caring leaders, but you aren’t doing anyone a favor by avoiding conversations that could elevate them and their performance.

If you’ve been searching for ways to develop your leaders so they can have conversations that gets results, reach out at  marlene@marlenechism.com and we can explore ways to work together.