“You are a treasure. Your life’s work is a gift and this gift allows me the opportunity to learn and in doing so, I become a better husband, father, son and leader. You see, being present in the moment, in those conversations, has helped me begin to refocus and to become the best possible version of “me”. I gained clarity from listening to you!

I am committing to make every day count and yesterday was the beginning. You have inspired to get moving and to strive beyond the limits of my current reach! I have come to realize that I need to take ownership of my professional development. I need to forge a clear-cut vision of what I really want to do and be. It has been awhile since I have focused and tried to get clear. My oars have been inside the boat and I have been drifting. What else can I say?!…

Thank you for your dedication and passion for your work. ”

Joe Sadtler, Jr.

Officer Manager, South Louisville Pediatrics, P.S.C.

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! I am in career services and work with retraining and placing unemployed and talk about drama in the classroom. I came across your book and read it several times and am doing workshops on it with the students and it has changed me and my thinking. When you defined drama as something that blocks you the way you did, my the light bulbs went off in class as well as for me. I know drama is stressful but to equate it to prosperity was brilliant. I told the students to go out and buy your books since reading just this one has opened my scope and I know I am on the right track. I have been coaching and counseling students and telling them in essence the same thing that you wrote on but you covered much more especially with explaining the how to’s. I enjoyed your morning inspirations as well and I gave the website to my students and highly advised them to subscribe as well.”

Joann M. Cuozzo

BS, CEHRS, CBCS, CMAA, Dean, Allied Health/Director, Career Services Division, Network Learning Institute

“I want to say THANK YOU for doing what you do. I found out about you just as I started out in management, and with your help I have transformed a negative, drama-filled, self-involved team of individuals into a mostly pleasant and very well-functioning team. This year we have had two different members of our team out on extended medical leave. Three years ago, this would have meant disaster. Now, this experience has brought the team closer and shown them what they can do when they work together and build each other up rather than focusing on limitations or roadblocks. It has made all the difference for our team. I just finished doing mid-term reviews for my team members, and every one of them commented that “people seem happy to be here.” I am so thrilled with this transformation! THANK YOU!”

Kari Brashers

Manager, Regulatory Compliance, ANPAC, American National