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The Truth About Relationship Drama

Most of us buy into the illusion that workplace relationships are different than personal relationships. Whether it's disruptive behavior in the workplace, drama in your family-owned business or the secret issues that threaten your marriage, all relationship drama has common patterns.

4 Things the Workplace Bully Can Teach You

Some of the best lessons of my life have been from people I didn't necessarily like. I’ve had bosses who had no people skills, and colleagues who were skilled at offering a painful jab at your most vulnerable moment.

Leaders Who Persecute Create Workplace Drama

Persecuting behavior comes in various flavors. From the blunt, to the subtle, to the passive aggressive to the almost undetectable body language. A leader without people-skills is a bully on board. The number one reason employees leave is due to relationship issues with their boss.

Leaders Who Rescue Create Workplace Drama

You rescue for all the right reasons: You don’t want to hurt their feelings. Or you don’t want them to be frustrated. So, you keep information from your boss. After all, he might blow up. You let a non-performing employee get by with it because she's had a rough year.

11 Ways to Stop Your Drama

The obstacles in your personal life bleed into your professional life. What holds us back and then becomes drama, are our addictions, bad habits and character flaws. Here is how to use this article. First read the entire article and see if any of these eleven habits resonate with you.

Catching Your Shark

You are feeling great. Never better. Then something happens. You look at your bank statement. You're over-drawn. All of the sudden your mood drops. You get that sick feeling in your stomach. You project into the future and see yourself drowning in money problems, losing your home...what if you lose your income? Your Shark Has Found You!

50 Ways to Stop Your Drama

50 short and on-point ways you can stop your drama.

The Vow of Personal Responsibility

Download and sign your Vow of Personal Responsibility.

Complaints, Excuses, Regrets: What to Do Instead

Most common workplace complaints, excuses and regrets and what you can do instead.