Stop Workplace Drama Workshops

Gossip. Power Struggles. Poor team coordination. These are all symptoms of workplace Drama. Drama drains your company of its best talent, gets in the way of productivity and profit and erodes your personal effectiveness. Drama always proceeds unwanted turnover. People leave bosses—not companies. The Society of Human Resources Management, SHRM estimates that turnover costs 30-50% of the annual salary for entry level employees, 150% of mid-level employees, and 400% for specialized high level employees.

In today’s climate of uncertainty and rapid change where competition is fierce and economic challenges more intense than ever, cutting drama has never been more essential.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the impact of negativity in the workplace
  • Identify the four common components present in drama
  • Discover the fulcrum point of change for breaking through resistance
  • Uncover the three main drama orientations in relationships
  • Use “Tools for Transformation” for course-correcting poor performers
  • Coaching skills for transforming the negative into positive
  • Identify the root of any workplace drama

Stop Workplace Drama is making its way around the country into universities, manufacturing operations, the medical and beauty industries and sales teams, as well as many nonprofit and professional associations. The Stop Workplace Drama presentations and training is more than entertainment, a speech or training. This work is truly transformational.

“I had the pleasure of attending one of your seminars and meeting you at the National PAHCOM Conference, in Phoenix, AZ. I came aware energized and excited to “rethink” my position and accept the fact that most of the drama was caused by me enabling the employee to continue down the drama highway. I am rowing the boat (sometimes one handed as the other is plugging holes); however, I have the vision and the goal in sight.”

–Suzette Benedick, CMM

“This was far and away the best seminar I have ever attended, because Marlene did not teach it, she explained how she lives it. She coached us to see how we can live it also. I thought the program was as close to perfect as possible.”

-Bob Delmore

CFO, T&K Asphalt Services, Inc.

“Stop Workplace Drama does more than reveal excuses for the inclination to drama in the workplace; it offers a wealth of ideas to improve communication, trust, and leadership that will help eliminate the energy, time, and talent drain that drama creates.”

-Stephen M. R. Covey

Author of New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The Speed of Trust

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