No Drama Leadership: How to Increase Leadership Effectiveness

We need a new model of leadership that transcends position, power, and title. In-the-trench leaders must be adequately equipped with the leadership skills to see the bigger picture, make critical decisions, and produce results through others. No-Drama Leadership is about building enlightened leaders who promote culture change in their corporations and communities.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why most new leaders face an identity crisis
  • Illustrate the one thing leaders must do to walk the talk
  • Identify the signs of misalignment
  • Learn how to distinguish between accountability and responsibility
  • Understand why people fear accountability
       – What you can do to create a culture of accountability
  • Uncover what your employees won’t tell you about engagement
  • And Much More…

This program is rich with checklists and action items to use both organizationally and personally, while providing a snapshot of how leaders and growing leaders can shape culture through leadership growth.

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