7 Ways to Stop Workplace Drama in Public Safety

Gossip, complaints, low morale, power struggles, ineffective leadership. What do all of these have in common? They are all symptoms of workplace drama.

Leaders who work in public safety communications experience mental stress, burnout, and higher threat for turnover due to the nature of this high stress environment which includes 24/7 monitoring, the potential for law suits and the challenges of dealing with life and death issues on a daily basis.

Stop Workplace Drama training gives leaders in public safety the tools to navigate politics, facilitate change, and increase cooperation and engagement. Added benefits include increased personal effectiveness, higher productivity and a sense of well being.

Available in half day, full day and two day formats.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the four common components always present in drama
  • Develop an actionable new language to motivate employees.
  • Discover the three “drama roles” and how to get to the root problem.
  • Learn three practical communication tools to promote teamwork and collaboration.
  • Quickly discern fact from fiction
  • Learn from your peers
  • Ask questions and get resources, as well as immediate and useable answers

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