When someone says, “I don’t want to add weight lifting to my workout routine because I don’t want to build bulky muscles,” I have to laugh.

I realize they simply don’t know how it works!

Having been a competitive bodybuilder in my younger years, I know that working out with weights a few times a week won’t give you big muscles. You actually have to work hard and put in a lot of discipline to get those kinds of results. Let’s face it, the problems didn’t happen overnight and neither will the results.

It’s the same misunderstanding when I hear this: “We have lots of workplace drama, high turnover, and a culture of mistrust–we need a workshop,”

Building muscles is not a one time event, but more of a process.
Building wise leaders and a strong culture is not a workshop but a result.

That’s why our approach is about education and not a one-time workshop.
While we still offer workshops (many of which are listed on this site) a workshop is generally just one part of a multi-faceted plan that includes executive coaching, group calls, assignments, and accountability systems.

Let us design the education to meet your business objectives.

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