A Message From Marlene Chism

There are a lot of perceptions about consulting, for example, an executive client once said, “I always thought a consultant just tells you what to do, and I don’t want anyone to tell me how to run my business.”

I said, “You’re the expert in your field.  My role is to be a thought partner to you. My intention is to help you improve your leadership, your communication and your business results.

With that conversation in mind I’ll share my simple definition of consulting. Consulting is an umbrella of offerings designed to help the client improve their business results, gain clarity, and expand their leadership abilities.

Every consulting firm offers unique services. Our services include thought partnership, coaching, leadership development, and culture work.

For example, sometimes a senior executive or an owner needs a thought partner—someone who sees issues from multifaceted angles and can offer direction, distinctions and communication strategies to get the desired result.

In times of growth, some clients seek coaching services for one or many leaders. I’ve worked with many organizations offering our signature course, The Performance Conversation Model to help leaders learn the specific skills needed to successfully initiate difficult conversations and “right the ship” sooner rather than later.

During times of workplace dysfunction consulting takes the shape of a discovery session designed to get to the root of workplace drama and uncover the costly mistakes leading to turnover, lost sales, or lack of trust in the organization.

Every situation is different, therefore most of our work is customized to fit the objectives.

The first step is a conversation to understand the situation and the desired outcomes.

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