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People inquire about consulting services for many reasons. They have workplace drama and need to focus on leadership development. Or they are concerned about their corporate culture and want to know how their leaders can shape culture. Or an individual may inquire about executive coaching to improve performance, or to learn how to initiate difficult performance conversations.  That’s why we offer a customized approach. Our process is less about problem-solving and more about creating.

Why People Inquire About Consulting

When people call to inquire about consulting they often start out by saying: “We have workplace drama and we need a workshop.” Over the years, we have learned that if a workshop would solve a problem it would have been solved already. One of our suggestions when an onsite workshop is desired is to offer the Meet You Where You Are facilitation.

Once we have identified the real problems, we put together a proposal.  If the proposal is accepted, we build a plan and a process to achieve your organizational objectives. The final consulting project may include workshops as part of leadership development, combined with executive coaching or other virtual learning to create sustainability.

A common  leadership challenges is the inability or unwillingness of leaders to initiate honest performance conversations. Most leaders have not been coached on conflict resolution, critical communication skills, or managing the emotions that come with leading people. The performance conversation is not the same as the performance evaluation, where the real goal is to document or punish. Our performance conversation model promotes engagement through responsible communication and accountability.

Corporate Culture: What Causes Workplace Drama

The lack of leadership development results in workplace drama in the form of lowered trust, absenteeism, and turnover. When you hear any of these statements, you know that it’s time to inquire about consulting, leadership development or to understand how leaders can use responsible language to shape culture.

  • “I am just about at the end of a two year long process of managing a disruptive employee. This situation ended up with lawyers involved and should reach a settlement soon. It has been a long and painful process as this employee had been tolerated for over 15 years, occasionally talked to but is a high performer so was allowed to carry on. Hurting all who crossed her path and creating chaos in her wake of disruption.”
  • “We are a third generation family owned business with ten locations and the other two owners are not in agreement about the future of the business…”
  • “I’m a Vice President who has inherited a situation that’s gotten worse over the last three years. There is very little engagement even though we have tried several initiatives to get employees involved.”
  • “My spouse and I own a private practice and our star performer is a queen bee who has been with the practice for a decade. The new manager we hired can’t get along with our queen bee. We can’t afford to lose either of them, yet we wonder what price we are paying to keep things as they are.”
  • “”Our mission is supposed to be all about compassion and mercy but our nurse managers practically eat their young. What can we do to get everyone to get along in this high stress environment?”

The customized initiatives we offer are designed to help you remove the barriers that prevent teamwork, engagement, collaboration and vision. Through executive coaching, corporate consulting or designing a company-wide leadership development retreat, we will design a solution to meet your unique needs and to help your company get the results you want.

Outcomes and results our clients have experienced:

  • Profitability through clarity and alignment
  • Dramatically improved workplace relationships
  • Increased effectiveness and focus
  • Stronger communication dynamics

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