Stop Workplace Drama

Supervisory Training

As a supervisor, you probably wish your subordinates/coworkers would just do their job and get along. But that’s fantasy, not real life. The truth is, you’re going to have to correct behavior, and you’ll have to address performance issues. You’re going to hurt some feelings and make some people angry, and this can lead to workplace drama.

The default to dealing with “drama” is often appeasing or avoiding, but those behaviors create bigger problems later.

My goal is to give you the mindset, skills, and support to dramatically increase your confidence, and elevate your skills.

But there’s a catch: The level of skill you develop is 100% dependent on your commitment to putting the ideas into practice—even if it feels uncomfortable.

Welcome Message from Marlene Chism

What to Expect

You will get an email the day before our scheduled meeting and the morning of our meeting.

The email will contain the Zoom link. A best practice is to arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow for glitches or problems getting logged in.

Every session you will receive 60 – 90 minutes of training content. The remainder of the time will be used for Q and A or coaching. There will be some opportunity to engage during the presentation as well.

We have allotted 120 minutes for each training, however, if we get done a bit early, it’s good to use that time to reflect, journal, or make time for deliberate practice.


Each week you will get reminders about the class, and it is your responsibility as an attendee to be at the meeting. If you must miss a class, please get with a teammate and allow them to update you on the learning. There are no recordings and no make-up classes available.


Please be sure to register below to sign up for the training sessions. Once registered, you will receive an Opt-in email for verifying your email address. In addition, please ensure you whitelist Marlene's email, for reducing the chance of her correspondences going into your Junk or Spam folder(s).


If for some reason you aren’t getting emails from me, please call 252-658-3788 and ask for Heather, who will help you get set up.

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