People change all the time. They get married, get divorced, change jobs and move. What people fear and what they naturally resist is uncertainty, overwhelm, and absence of choice. As a leader, your effectiveness increases when you know how to dial up or dial down certainty to navigate change with more ease and fluidity.


Weekly Call
On our weekly ZOOM calls I’ll facilitate some discussion and teach a skill or concept.

If you have a success you’d like to share, you will also have a chance to speak. If you want spot coaching on the live calls, we’ll make time for that.

Private Email Access
You have access to me via email during the work week. I’ll be answering emails from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST) every day. If you want email coaching, you need to use email. I’ll get your permission to share anything that is shared at the virtual round table, otherwise my advice will be private. Please whitelist my email address

Private Consulting and Coaching
If you request advice or some coaching, I’ll give what I can by email. You can decide to try the ideas, or let the ideas inspire you in a different direction.

On the Spot Celebrations and Coaching
If you are courageous you can share your challenges on the group calls, as well as any successes you have.

Inspired (but Sporadic) Group Email Communications
Because this is a pilot, you may receive a few group emails where I share some insights or resources. You are welcome to give me your feedback about what’s working or not working. My intention is to support your growth, not overwhelm you, give you “homework” or tell you what to do.  LOL!. You already know what works for you and what you are willing to try.

Is this Leadership Roundtable for You?

  • You are preparing for a significant change
  • An unexpected change has derailed your progress
  • You need to get buy in for a necessary change
  • You had unwanted results from a change you chose
  • Employees resist your change leadership
  • You are going through a “dark night of the soul”
  • Your values, ideas and desires are changing
  • Personal changes have disrupted your life
  • You want to use change as a catalyst for leadership growth

As with all round-table events, the conversations that arise are co-created by participants. In this roundtable Marlene introduces a framework she calls the four quadrants of leadership growth. Participants will learn how to use wanted and unwanted change as well as expected and unexpected change to navigate through uncertainty and how to dial up or down choice to make change more manageable