We have worked and continue to work in many type of companies, associations, and industries. Three core industries include Public Safety, Healthcare, Not for Profit, and Education.

The mission is to improve communication and relationships, build enlightened leaders and help individuals discover, develop and deliver their gifts to the world—and of course to stop drama!

We believe that when we change the mindset of what work is supposed to be, we will have enlightened leaders and inspired workers. Once workers are inspired and living from purpose and passion, there is never a shortage of intellectual capital, never a shortage of ideas, and never a shortage of revenue.

We Operate from this belief system

  • People are engaged when they discover, develop and deliver their gifts.
  • Clarity can change any situation.
  • By your choices you reveal your commitments.
  • Any area where there is a problem, there is a lack of awareness.
  • You can only be as honest as your level of self-awareness.
  • The first part of responsibility is the recognition of choice.
  • You can only see what you believe to be true or possible.
  • Willingness is the fulcrum point of change.
  • It’s never about the situation but it’s always about the pattern.
  • What is experienced is also expressed.
  • It’s a both-and world. We need people and we need profits
  • Clarity is necessary for sustainable alignment.
  • No one needs to be fixed. People want to succeed.
  • Accountability is a tool not a method of punishment.

Results You Can Expect

Profitability through clarity and alignment Dramatically improved workplace relationships Increased personal effectiveness and focus Stronger communication dynamics

Marlene Chism was the closing keynote speaker for our ASTD state conference. She was a perfect end to the day. She was energetic, passionate, meaningful, and connected with the audience. Most importantly, she gave great content we could take back with us and use. Marlene was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I highly recommend her.

David McLaughlin, M.Ed, SPHR

Central Oklahoma Chapter ASTD

On a more personal note, I want to say THANK YOU for doing what you do. I found out about you just as I started out in management, and with your help I have transformed a negative, drama-filled, self-involved team of individuals into a mostly pleasant and very well-functioning team. This year we have had two different members of our 9 person team out on extended medical leave. 3 years ago, this would have meant disaster. Now, this experience has brought the team closer and shown them what they can do when they work together and build each other up rather than focusing on limitations or roadblocks. It has made all the difference for our team. I just finished doing mid-term reviews for my team members, and every one of them commented that “people seem happy to be here.” I am so thrilled with this transformation! THANK YOU!

Kari Brashers

Manager – Regulatory Compliance – ANPAC, President, CPCU Society – Ozarks Chapter

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