Stop Workplace Drama in Your Health Care Practice

Whether it’s the backstabbing, power struggles, dealing with the queen bee, or the “untouchable” employee, or even just navigating through change, drama manifests itself in many ways in a medical practice. You KNOW it goes on in your practice – gossip, poor coordination of the team, disruptive physician or disruptive employee behavior – and you KNOW it is a huge distraction away from good patient care, efficiencies and profits in a practice. Drama is a drain on a medical practice – a drain on physician and physician executive time, a drain on time that could be spent on patient care and driving referrals, a drain on administrator and office manager energies.

This program offers practical ways for the administrator to identify and eliminate drama before the drama translates into turnover, absenteeism, poor morale, and a financial impact to the practice. The material presented in this webinar translates from business to personal.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn an actionable new language to use to motivate employees
  • Identify three common components that are always present in drama
  • Understand the different type of “drama roles”
  • Introduce practical communication skills and mindsets to promote teamwork and collaboration

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